Finding that untouched wide open space at the right time of the day is the major challenge in landscape photography.

While my landscape pictures often seem very peaceful, the way of finding the right spot and getting there can indeed be quite a hassle. Being five minutes late can often mean, come back the next day…

My wife and I have hiked up volcanoes at 2 am in chilly and dark mornings, hiked up to waterfalls despite of fever, taken long boat rides in worn boats, climbed sand dunes…the journey continues.

What I do

  • Landscape
  • Aerial / Drone
  • Nature
  • HDR
  • Long Exposure
  • Sunrise/Sunset
  • Panoramic

Aerial Photography - The landscape from above

Don’t miss the portfolio section where you can discover landscapes from above via drone photography.

Aerial view of green rice terraces.
Aerial photograph of the landscape of the Komodo Islands in Indonesia.

Landscapes from above

Aerial Photography

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