Wildlife photography can be tricky since you need time, patience, a good instinct and the animals playing along which you can’t influence.

I love to travel to places with great wildlife! To me it is very special to be inside their natural habitat and trying to focus on every moment of their behavior in order to predict their next movement and capture that one moment before it is gone again and I missed my chance.

I have always been impressed with the amazing pictures other wildlife photographers take and like to exchange ideas. Often finding out that the perfect picture took weeks to get because the opportunity would not show up. Wildlife photography is very unpredictable in the end!

What I do

  • Wildlife
  • Bird
  • Nature
  • Animal

NEW - I tried something new, so check out my underwater photos.

Don’t miss the portfolio section with underwater photos in stunning paradises around the world.

Underwater shot of two turtles diving in the sea.
Underwater shot of a turtle diving in the sea.

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