“I love to create fantastic worlds far from reality, in which I can withdraw and where I met magical creatures.”

While many of my pictures shine with saturated colors and elaborate costumes, this series appears in a completely different light: much darker and almost macabre. The reason for this outbreak was 4 years ago: Back then I wanted to do a bathtub photoshoot again. I like the effect very much, but the idea is very popular among photographers. A motif that is often seen: a beautiful woman lolls in lingerie in a milk bath and is littered with colorful flowers. Honestly I’ve seen enough of such pictures over time. Nevertheless, I still wanted to do pictures in a bathtub again – but different. I wanted to try to get something new out of the basic idea. The result was a rather dark series, in which I want to take the viewer into foreign realms. I want the pictures, the faces, to tell a story – without writing a specific story for it before. I want the viewer to hold their breath. I want to awake emotions.



Equipment used:

Canon EOS 70D, Canon EF 100mm 2.8
Light: portable flash with softbox

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